Trader Joes maskless shopper from viral video tirade speaks out – CBS News

The lady stated the shop manager permitted her to shop without the mask that night.The female told CBS L.A. a staff member provided to shop for her and she might wait outside, but she wanted to shop for herself.But, she stated, a male began cursing at her to wear a mask. She stated she felt threatened.

” Nobody was helping me, so at that point is what they display in the video,” she said.The video revealed her chewing out fellow buyers who were demanding she put on a mask, stating they were breaching federal law.Thats when the angry outburst began in which she referred to people as “Democratic pigs.”” At that moment, I felt they were acting like pigs,” she stated. “Do I regret it? No. I mean, not truly at that minute, I do not.”.
While Trader Joes shop policy doesnt require masks however instead motivates them, Gov. Gavin Newsom recently issued a statewide face-covering mandate to assist prevent the spread of coronavirus.After the outburst, the female was asked to leave the shop but didnt initially, saying she “didnt do anything wrong.” Police were called however no charges were submitted and the woman went home, vowing not to review that Trader Joes location.Sunday night, 2 men were seen shopping in the shop without masks and were rapidly escorted out.

The Trader Joes buyer who was captured on electronic camera in an anti-mask tirade thats been seen millions of times online spoke with CBS Los Angeles Sunday.
It was opening day at the Trader Joes shop in North Hollywood when the buyer whos considering that gone viral tried to go grocery shopping without a face covering.” I have a breathing issue, generally, from my nose,” the female said.