California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Reinstates Stay-At-Home Order In State’s Worst-Hit County As Region Passes 200,000 Cases – Deadline

NEW: Yesterday CA carried out over 76k #COVID 19 tests.
Positivity rate: 5.7% over 7 days.
That rate in Imperial County, nevertheless, is at 23%. Healthcare facilities there are overwhelmed.
Today were working with the county to restore a stay at house order.
We have to take this seriously.
— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) June 26, 2020

California passed the grim milestone of 200,461 coronavirus cases on Friday morning amid more stressing reports about the increasing variety of brand-new infections. The state saw a 2.5 percent increase in brand-new cases over the previous days overall.
Amid those issues, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that, after weeks of engagement with the states hardest-hit county, he was asking authorities in Imperial County, near San Diego, to increase COVID-preventative restrictions.

Newsom stated he would leave it to county officials to figure out the suitable steps but, if they did not discover the right procedures, “I am committed to stepping in.”
” They never moved as far forward as other parts of the state,” he said, “however its time to draw back further.”

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Newsom had actually warned on Thursday that “Weve seen 56,000 new cases just in the past 14 days. The Los Angeles County Health Department suggested on Friday and brand-new cases among that associate had actually increased 44 percent in the previous 16 days.
Johns Hopkins reported 89,633 total cases in L.A. County as of Wednesday. Often when case numbers go up, experts point to a parallel increase in screening as the culprit. And the peaks in testing do not correspond with the peaks in brand-new cases.

The locations test positivity rate over 14 days is approaching 23 percent. As an outcome, they “need to decompress their health center system,” stated Newsom.
Imperial Countys case rate per 100,000 over the past 14 days is more than 630. Thats well above the 100 cases per 100,000 limit needed by the state prior to resuming can be considered.
There are 13 other counties that the state has on a “watch list,” according to the guv. Those counties are Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Contra Costa, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Stanislaus and Tulare.
Newsom showed that he did not currently mean to “toggle back” any other locations of the state, however praised Disneys decision not to resume Disneyland and San Franciscos current retrenchment. “I picture youll see others doing the very same,” stated Newsom.
He did reserve the right to consider a “draw back” in the future, nevertheless.
Statewide, there were 4,890 brand-new cases reported on Friday. That marks the areas fourth-highest day-to-day case number because the start of the pandemic.
Newsom had warned on Thursday that “Weve seen 56,000 brand-new cases simply in the past 14 days. Some of that can be attributed to increased testing,” said Newsom.
On Thursday, said the governor, that rate clocked in at 5.6 percent. On Friday, the rate increased to 5.7 percent. The Los Angeles County Health Department showed on Friday and brand-new cases among that friend had increased 44 percent in the past 16 days.
As we continue to resume our economy, it is crucial that everyone uses a cloth face covering and practices physic ……— LA Public Health (@lapublichealth) June 26, 2020
On Wednesday Newsom revealed a 29 percent boost in overall hospitalizations over the previous 14 days. On Thursday that number increased to 32 percent. On Friday, the day-over-day rise in hospitalizations was 3.3 percent, according to Newsom.

Overall health center space being utilized stays at 8 percent as an outcome of new beds being brought online, according to Newsom.
ICU numbers are increasing over the previous 14 days. “Roughly 34 percent of the available ICU beds in our hospital system are being utilized,” said the governor. Thats up from 31 percent simply 24 hours before. On Friday, the governor stated the variety of COVID-19 patients in ICU rose 4.4 percent.
Referencing the ICU numbers, Newsom said they are crucial to the choice about whether to retighten constraints or continue reopening. “When our system can not take in, when theres a capability or constraint,” said the governor, “thats when we put out alarm bells. When we see resource exhaustion, resource restraints, thats when we get worried.”
Daily COVID-related deaths have stayed fairly stable. Thursday, nevertheless, saw 101 casualties, the most reported given that June 10. Deaths are typically a delayed sign in break outs, just increasing after infections and hospitalizations.
” You will see with the death rates that theyre lagging,” said Newsom on Friday. The governor suggested the state may see an increase there soon.
After a week of record numbers and a curious plunge in cases yesterday, Johns Hopkins University showed on Thursday that Los Angeles now has the highest variety of coronavirus cases of any county in the country.
Johns Hopkins reported 89,633 total cases in L.A. County as of Wednesday. That organizations numbers regularly outmatch other sources, but the Centers for Disease Control can be found in simply slightly lower at 89,490 total infections. That would still place the county at the top of John Hopkinss ignominious list.
On Monday, the county experienced an all-time high of more than 2,500 new cases. Tuesday was another near record, with 2,364 new cases.
The numbers dipped precipitously in the county on Wednesday, with 1,260 brand-new cases reported. On Thursday, the number of everyday new cases jumped back up to 2,012.
Frequently when case numbers go up, experts point to a parallel boost in screening as the culprit. And the peaks in screening do not correspond with the peaks in brand-new cases.
On Friday, Newsom reported 77,000 tests, below over 100,000. The state has actually balanced 88,000 just recently.
Numerous point the current Black Lives Matter demonstrations, which brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets together. When asked particularly about the demonstrations, the director of the L.A. county health department, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, has actually repeatedly stated she feels the spike correlates more closely with the general resuming and people getting out and returning to work.
It might be impossible to tease the 2 apart. Mass demonstrations in Los Angles began on May 27, nearly precisely one month ago. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti raised restrictions on “all retail areas” in May 26. The L.A. County health department shows a quarantine of 2 week to guarantee one has actually not been contaminated. Newsom on Thursday warned against household events, play dates and barbecues as the weather condition warmed up, saying those occasions in current weeks have actually likewise contributed.
Asked about the demonstrations in Fridays news conference, a state health authorities responded, “We do know from speaking with our counties that it is a contributor. We will not be able to differentiate precisely where someone was when they were exposed.
On Friday, U.S. health authorities reported a single-day nationwide record of 39,327 brand-new infections on Thursday. Florida alone saw 9,000 brand-new cases.
As an outcome, resuming efforts are either stopped briefly or being rolled back in 11 states.