After 500,000 deaths, WHO warns worst of coronavirus pandemic is “yet to come” – CBS News

6 months considering that the brand-new coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic is still far from over, the World Health Organization stated Monday, alerting that “the worst is yet to come.” Reaching the half-year turning point just as the death toll surpassed 500,000 and the variety of validated infections topped 10 million, the WHO stated it was a moment to recommit to the battle to conserve lives.
” Six months earlier, none of us might have thought of how our world– and our lives– would be thrown into turmoil by this new virus,” WHO primary Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus informed a virtual briefing. The difficult reality is this is not even close to being over,” he stated.

In an environment of worldwide political division and fractures on a nationwide level, “the worst is yet to come. Im sorry to say that,” he stated.”With this sort of environment and condition, we fear the worst.”The WHO is sending out a group to China next week in connection with the search for the origin of the virus that stimulated the global pandemic.The organisation has actually been pressing China since early May to welcome in its specialists to assist investigate the animal origins of the coronavirus.
“We can combat the infection much better when we understand whatever about the infection, including how it started,” Tedros stated. “We will be sending out a group next week to China to prepare for that and we hope that will lead into understanding how the infection began.”He did not specify the make-up of the team, nor what specifically their mission would consist of.Scientists believe the virus leapt from animals to human beings, potentially from a market in Wuhan offering unique animals for meat.

“We will need even higher stores of durability, persistence, humility and generosity in the months ahead,” he stated.”Tedros likewise said that the pandemic had actually brought out the finest and worst mankind, citing acts of generosity and uniformity, but likewise false information and the politicization of the virus.

“Tedros also stated that the pandemic had brought out the finest and worst humanity, mentioning acts of generosity and solidarity, but likewise false information and the politicization of the infection.

Im sorry to say that,” he said.”We can combat the infection better when we understand everything about the virus, including how it began,” Tedros stated.