Forced Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Career

Forced Retirement Shouldn’t Mean the End of Your Career

WillRogersWill Rogers once spoke about how “half your life is wasted attempting to find something to fill the void of all the time you rushed around trying to save”.

Most people have many productive years left after forced retirement, and it’s plenty of time for you to start new careers, lead a different lifestyle and enjoy numerous successes.

Seniors aren’t content anymore to accept the gold watch and then be delegated to a life of isolation. It might be fun and relaxing for a while, but eventually boredom sets in and it becomes difficult to spend the days in forced retirement nothingness.

After the travel and the honey-do projects, spending time with family and friends – and don’t forget sleeping in – you can become so bored and inactive that depression can set in, changing your health and outlook on life.

But “retirement” can be a very active and challenging time for seniors. Rather than finding a job, which can confine you to certain hours of the day, think about starting an online business.

Online businesses can be very rewarding, both financially and intellectually. You set your own hours and supplement your retirement income nicely from an online business when done properly.

techchallengedDon’t worry if you feel technically challenged.

There are many universities, colleges and online courses that offer specially designed courses for seniors on everything from computer programming to simply getting to know your computer.

You’ll be learning a new and exciting way to fill the hours of the day with project planning and marketing that will not only boost your income, but will provide a way to keep your brain power sharp.

The intellectual challenges you face now can turn into incredible opportunities in the future. If you’re a senior today, you may not be able to live comfortably on your retirement income.

Learning about available opportunities on the Internet can provide you with a boost in income that can be stimulating and profitable – and with very little startup cost. If you have a computer and know how to use the Internet, you can start your own business.

Not only will you have extra money – but you’ll have the added satisfaction of building and growing your own business. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when beginning anything new.

But if you keep yourself motivated by joining blogs and other ways of keeping in touch with seniors just like you, such as social media groups, you’ll soon master the strategies of making money on the Internet and be on your way to a new and exciting life-after-retirement.

To your success in life,

Rich Jablonski

Mom & Dad

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5 Tips For Affiliate Marketer Beginners

Beginner Affiliate Marketers 5 Tips You Need to Know.

Small Home BusinessThinking about becoming an affiliate marketer?

The following tips can get you started, but to learn more about affiliate marketing for beginners take our free “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” course to get the in-depth information you need to help you succeed.

Affiliate marketing has become popular for people looking to increase their income or start their own business from home with minimal start up costs. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to be a technical guru to become an affiliate marketer. However, there are a few tips that can help get you started on the right track, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can be costly if you don’t know what to look out for.

1. Look for unique affiliate products to promote

If you choose to promote the same product as thousands of other affiliates you are setting yourself up for major competition. Whereas finding a unique but still in demand product can give you the added advantage of not having to compete with so many other affiliates to find traffic (buyers).

2. Check out the merchants affiliate program and tools.

When you first start your affiliate marketing you will find that having signed up to promote a product that provides a lot of affiliate support will make your life a lot easier than having to do everything yourself. It is worth taking the time to check out the different merchants before making your choices about products to promote. You will find that many supply you with banners, images and even in some instances keywords and articles that you can use on your websites.

3. Some Examples of affiliate resources:

  • Articles
  • Pre-written emails
  • Banners
  • Adwords adverts
  • Free eBook samples
  • Product Images

4. Tracking your affiliate websites.

One of the most overlooked aspects “beginner affiliate marketers” make, is the failure by many to track and test their results. This can make a lot of difference to the effectiveness or your campaigns and how successful you can become by sometimes just making a few small tweaks to your sales copy. It is important to know where your visitors are coming from and how they are finding you, and then track what they are looking at when they do visit your site.

There are a number of tracking software programs available for purchase, but if you are being budget conscious at the beginning at the very least use Google analytics which is free.

5. Passive or re-occurring income.

An affiliate marketer receives a percentage of the sale of a product as per-determined by the merchant (owner of the product) this can vary dependent on the merchant. In many cases this is a one off sale, but another alternative to consider is promoting items such as membership products, this means you will get an ongoing percentage paid to you each month that the buyer remains a member. Consequently after having made that initial sale, you don’t have to do any further work to keep receiving a further monthly payment.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative source of additional income, by just following the tips above you can get started in your new business enterprise without having to make any major dents in your wallet.

On a final note you should keep in mind that setting up an affiliate marketing business is just that a business, so be prepared to put in a bit of work at the beginning and don’t get distracted by the promise of shiny toys that will do everything for you.

You may want to learn more and you can with my free Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course.

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To your success!

Rich Jablonski

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Review of Breakthrough List Building

Review of Breakthrough List Building

BLB sm im1

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that the money is in the list. And, I’ve paid for products in the past that promised to teach me everything I’d need to know to have a successful list. Needless to say, I was not always impressed. So, when I got the opportunity to review Jennifer C Taylor’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building Course, I thought “Oh, here’s another one of these.”

Here’s what I discovered…. Jennifer is known in the Internet Marketing world for a few things..

1. Her integrity.

2. The way she is able to explain technology jargon in words the non-techie can understand

3. Her ability to break complex tasks down into simple steps that work.

Well, this course definitely showcases her ability to break down a process and teach it in a step-by-step system. BREAKTHROUGH List Building is basically the exact, system that every “guru” on the web uses to make money. And, here’s the “But”…. BUT, it’s laid out in simple terms that even “newbies” can understand.

Here’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building in a nutshell:

B – BEGIN at the Beginning.

R – RELATIONSHIPS are Important.

E – ENGAGE with Real People.

A – ARTICLES breakthrough Anonymity

K – KICK-START Viral Marketing

T – TEMPT Targeted Traffic

H – HIGHLIGHT Your Link Everywhere

R – REAP the Rewards of JV’s and Affiliates

O – OPTIMISE for Search Engines

U – UNLOCK the Power of Social Media

G – GROW Your List With…

H – HARMFUL Actions to Avoid

Now, when I review a product, I always try to give an honest review. So, in looking at this course, is it worth the money charged?

Absolutely. It’s worth that and more. The three bonuses are pretty great… and I’ll let you into a secret – there are 3 more bonuses inside!

Are there any negatives? Honestly, I can’t think of any, unless it’s that the the recordings aren’t perfect quality – the odd stumble here and there. How’s that for a negative? (I tried to come up with one!)

My review of this product is.. for this price it’s kind of a no-brainer for anyone interested in having a successful online business.

If you’re a newbie, you NEED this course.

If your list is already rocking, you will still find some valuable nuggets of information.

If you’re in the middle somewhere you can absolutely benefit from this course.

Jennifer offers an eBook that is a complete overview of BREAKTHROUGH List Building. You can get a copy with the product on this page

BREAKTHROUGH List Building .

I know you’ll learn something valuable from it, and I hope that it will entice you to jump into the full course. You won’t regret it.

Rich Jablonski

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How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

sunriseIn just a moment, you are gong to discover the ‘simple formula’ that my friend Kevin Sousa uses to pull in up to 350 free leads per day and get upwards of 600,000 shares & 80,000 comments on his Facebook posts.

You can do this without a big list, magic software, or hacks that will get your account banned faster than a jack rabbit on viagra…

In fact, this formula is so effective and consistently reliable that nothing else online even comes close to boosting your free leads and sales as much as this… Plus, it’s quick and easy to apply… It works in every market… and you can do it without a shred of technical skill or marketing know-how… and that’s just the beginning.

Read this entire blog post until the end, and I’ll also give you a special bonus that will have your first post going viral and generating leads within 24 hours! It’s copy and paste simple, and the boost to your leads, sales, and income happens very quickly!

Prepare yourself, because the results will SHOCK YOU!


Imagine for a moment what just 100 extra free leads per day could do for your business.. Would it double.. or triple your current income?

Maybe you’ve never made any money on the internet and this formula will be the first time you’ll actually see all your hard work show up in your back account. Think about what that extra income could do for you…

Would you be able to buy a new car, take your family on a nice vacation, or just have the freedom of not living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills?

What you’re about to see is so powerful, the temptation to misuse it can be strong. So you need to promise me that you will only use it to promote great quality products that genuinely help people.. deal?


Also, this formula won’t be available for long, and it will be taken down without notice.. which means this will probably be the last chance you get to see it, so get it now while you still can…

OK, so I bet you’re wondering what the story is behind this formula and how you can use it to start generating leads and sales in your business..

Well, about a month ago, one of Kevin’s business partners asked him an interesting question…

He said.. “Do Want to Turn your Facebook Page into an ATM Machine?”

…and at first, Kevin just laughed and thought…

“Here we go again…”

He’s going to try and sell me some magic software or hack that will just waste my time, not getting me any closer to making real money on Facebook…”

Turn Your Friends and Followers in Leads!


I learned a long time ago, the ONLY way to make consistent money from your Facebook page is by turning your friends and followers into LEADS…

…and the only way to get a lot of followers and leads, is by getting VIRAL EXPOSURE through the likes, shares, and comments on your posts.

“But There Was Always One Serious Problem”

Nothing I posted ever got more than 20-30 comments and a couple shares, so I could never generate enough leads to make any real money…

That is, until I learned Kevin Sousa’s secret formula for unleashing the “Viral Power” of Facebook.

It was unlike anything I had ever heard before..

I thought it was just ‘luck’ that caused a post to go viral and get thousands of shares and comments, but I was DEAD WRONG..

It’s a formula…It’s scientific…It’s not luck…

So that means ANYONE who applies the formula can get a similar result!

That was music to my ears..

sunrise…and after just one week of using the formula, Kevin started getting thousands of shares and comments on his posts every day.. and leads we’re flooding into his email autoresponder.

His posts started spreading like wildfire and marketers from all different niches started asking him how he was doing it…

…and after he taught them his formula, they started seeing results almost instantly!

When you get your copy of the Viral FB formula today… Kevin will teach you The Exact formula he taught them for making posts their posts viral in a value packed 30 minute training video…


Kevin also provides additional training videos where he teaches you “How to Maximize Your Leads” using a couple simple tweaks that took him from 50-100 leads/day to over 350 leads/day literally overnight…

He will teach you how to kick start your shares so you hit the magic ‘viral’ number FAST! (even if you have no friends or followers)

Kevin will teach you how to convert your viral posts into leads and sales in any niche…

…and he even shows you the top 5 mistakes he’s made and how you can avoid them…

Just imagine what this can do for your business and your income.. never before has it been so easy to give yourself a MONSTER sized pay raise.. by bringing in 2, 3, or even 4 times the amount of leads and sales that you’re currently getting.. and with so little effort..

..making your posts go viral is easy and the difference it makes in the volume of leads and cold hard cash flooding into your bank account each and every week is nothing short of INCREDIBLE..

What would the Viral FB Formula be worth to you?

Act today you’ll also receive a very special, limited time bonus.. Kevin actually lets you copy his 2 Best Posts of All Time! You’ll get access to the exact content, video and text that Kevin used in his 2 best viral posts, that each got over half a million shares, so you can piggyback on his success and have your first post going viral within 24 hours of getting started..

So grab your copy today by clicking the add to cart button below..

sunriseSo what are you waiting for? You’ll be glad to hear that when you invest in the Viral FB Formula, you’re covered by a 30 day, risk free, 100% money back guarantee..

Try the Viral FB Formula in your business for a full 30 days, watch the free leads and sales pour in and then decide for yourself if it’s not the most valuable method for generating free leads your business has ever seen..

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Rich Jablonski

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Rich-Dad Mindset You Need To Achieve It

The Rich-Dad Mindset you need to achieve is to learn about abundant thinking?

Abundant thinkingAbundance is a store that never runs out of its goods. Abundant means to be richly supplied; to be over-supplied. This means that we should have no fear of asking for more because we can be confident in its delivery.

What is abundant thinking?

Here’s an introduction to help answer a part of that question.

When we talk about positive thinking, we have to include a form called abundant thinking. It’s a method like flipping a coin. it’s a method that teaches you to flip your mental attitude from negative to positive so you’ll appreciate how many things you have in life to be grateful for. It’s about creating a mindset of positive values that allow you to perceive your life as one of abundance, not one of deficiency.

It doesn’t mean, however, that our gratitude should cause us to stop striving for more and just accept our lot in life.

Rather, it teaches us quite the opposite and that is that by acknowledging how abundant our lives already are, our minds will embrace the concept that the good things in life are potentially unlimited.

Where money is the issue, it is viewed as a tool that allows a better quality of life to be achieved – not just the material parts, but most crucially the freedom to spend time doing the things that matter with the people that matter.

Abundant thinking is not just about with money, although there is a strong financial aspect that can be applied; it is a life philosophy.

Being a rich dad, or a rich mom, may not have anything to do with money at all. We all know of a lot of rich and unhappy people. It can even reduce the will to work for extra income, especially where that works against the more important parts of life.

For example, love and family. We read about these rich people and how unhappy their lives are, in the newspapers every day. We see them on television, people who have a clear abundance of wealth, but who are bereft emotionally.

Abundant thinking is all about changing how you see your personal position in life, so that you can change how you see the world totally.

It is realizing that you’ve been the cause of your sadness and struggle in life by focusing on what you don’t have, rather than on what you do have. With that introduction you should be getting an idea on what abundant thinking should involve.

Next time we’ll deeper into the Law of Abundance.
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Keyword Canine What Does It Do

Keyword Canine, what does it do?

Keyword CanineIt seems like you can’t open an email these days without
reading about big, mean Pandas and smelly penguins. (Referring
to the recent google updates.)

It’s either “Panda and Penguin killed SEO” or “SEO is fine,
but you have to do “this” or “that” now.

When I find myself in this type of situation, I’ll do two things:

1. Check with true industry expert to see what they have
to say about it.

2. I’ll do a case study of my own. It’s the most likely reliable way for me to know
for sure in this industry. I  just take action and see what kind of results I get.

I did exactly that. I looked into what two
of the most respected Internet Marketers out there (Jonathan
Leger and Josh Spaulding) had to say about it.

I discovered that they actually did some
case studies of their own regarding this topic.

Check the info graph _


–> The 4 Crucial Steps to Ranking in Google

They identified Googles ranking requirements!

1. Identify Keywords.

2. Analyze the Competition.

3. Create a Site with Quality, Unique Content.

4. Get Backlinks.

That’s some pretty basic stuff, right? These are the same 4 crucial
steps that have been successfully used for years to rank websites, proving that even though SEO methods have changed, the core
principles haven’t!

A benefit of looking into what industry leaders have to say, is
that you can find some KILLER tools in the process, the same as I did!

I learnes that Jonathan and Josh have partnered on a new tool
called “Keyword Canine” which does most of these
steps for you!

Check it out… you can see it in action at:

The things that Keyword Canine helps you do,

– Finding highly profitable niches and keywords for you.

– Doing in-depth competition analysis on the things that
REALLY matter.

– Analyzing your own website to ensure your backlink profile,
including anchor text and class C IP saturation, is still
good after the recent google updates.

– Building quality, one-way backlinks to up to 50 of your
websites every year!

If you own one or more websites they could
benefit from some top search engine rankings,right?

Jonathan and Josh have proven that with Keyword Canine, they’ve  made it easier  for us to get a lot of search engine traffic now and for years to come!

Here’s the link to Keyword Canine again:


To Your Success,
Rich Jablonski

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Effortless Web Cash Formula

Here is an easy way to start producing cash flow. Lauryn Herbert has produced a product that

can be used by anyone to start making money as quickly as possible with a minimum investment.

“Why Promote EffortlessWeb-CashFormula?”

Below are Lauryn Herbert’s  –

Four Very Specific Reasons:

1. Proven conversions. If you know my history, I’ve always created leading products that convert due to serious branding, customer support that’s second to none and products that are easy to put into action.

This system is no exception.

2. A solid commitment to my customers that constantly provides the best. You won’t have to worry because my customer support is stellar. Well, beyond stellar is what I strive for!

I am there for you before the sale and I’m here for you after the sale. It’s my commitment to ongoing support and training that creates successful Internet marketers and products that convert.

3. I genuinely do care to see you succeed. Just ask me for help anytime! Watch for fanatical support especially to partners like you. You may ask me for personal help, custom landing pages, installing conversion tracking, etc.

4. Long-term potential. Your campaigns will not fizzle if you make the sincere effort to work with me.

 These are the reasons Lauryn Herbert gives you to take action and change your life NOW!

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To your success,

Rich Jablonski

ezweb-cash 1

Artilcle Builder Auto-blogging

Want to make your content building much less stressful?

Here is the easiest way to fill your blog with content.




Just click here to learn more about Artilce Builder.

Rich Jablonski

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My Lead System Pro Is It The Solution To Your Network Marketing Problem Or…

My Lead System Pro promises to solve virtually all the plaguing problems most people struggle with in promoting their network marketing businesses. Are you ready to take another look?

 Down and Dirty My Lead System Pro Background.

 My Lead System Pro erupted straight into the scene in September 2008, and it immediately took the entire marketplace by surprise attracting a number of the world’s most successful web advertising minds and home business owners alike.


The objective was to construct a gateway to ensure that any serious networking entrepreneur could break through their own individual barriers and come into the realization of unrestricted income potential by leveraging proven attraction marketing and advertising principles that have been kept from the masses for decades. And it’s doing the job. Over the last twenty months alone My Lead System Pro customers have created 850,000 leads and the system has paid back over $1.8 million dollars in affiliate commissions to active members.

When you enter the world of My Lead System Pro, you will learn exactly how to come to be the leader you should become as a way to construct an empire, you’ll turn into the hunted instead of the hunter, and you will discover how to build those ever-critical relationships with your prospects, customers and team builders from day one. You are going to understand and right away implement the exact same marketing approach as all the six-figure and 7-figure earners who have come before you and have paved the way. Every single issue faced by entrepreneurs just like you has been solved with “My Lead System Pro”.

  MLM Heavy Hitter My Lead System Pro Reviews.


It has been unbelievable since I found MyLeadSystemPRO how my life has changed. Since implementing My Lead System Pro, I’ve been fortunate enough to hit the #1 income spot in my primary company and have gone on to make over $40,000 / month, and I really owe a lot of that to this system. I had 133 leads come in just over the weekend and it’s all thanks to the training & community here in My Lead System Pro. – R.H.

I plugged into this system and the step-by-step blueprint really made the difference in my business. I just generated 41 leads the other day! This system produces lay down sales for you. I make more money before I even wake up in the morning than I used to make in my old full-time corporate advertising job, and it is because of this system. – A Chandler

My Lead System Pro provided me with the training & the tools that I need to build my business online. It’s definitely a “game-changer”! Thanks to My Lead System Pro, I went from ZERO to generating 25-40 laser-targeted leads every day PLUS sign-ups into my business virtually on auto-pilot. The great thing about it is that anyone can plug right into the system and start building their business today! – SH

Click Here to Take a Test Drive!

“I’ve Produced More than $100,000 In ten Months!”

I want to thank Brian, Norbert & Todd for being the excellent programmers behind such a effective program.

It has now been ten months since I’ve started my on the internet company and I’m pleased to say that thanks to all of the highly effective tips and techniques that I’ve learned as a product of this education, I’ve made over $100,000 in ten months, earning more than $30,000 this past month using the net marketing methods I’ve learned from this community. – Orlando, FL

“I Generated More than 10,000 Leads My 1st Year!”

I have been using My Lead System Pro for just over a year as a new on line marketer. This well designed model enabled me to gain the skills that enabled me to generate more than ten,000 prospects and earn high profits in my very first year of seriously marketing on the web.

I only see this model getting better and better. Thanks you guys! – Minnesota

“I Have Learned So Many New Approaches”

I have been working directly with this option for over 6 months, and they have proven themselves as a company that offers real value. You will find a step-by-step blueprint with the tools, strategies, and principles you need to understand and put in to your enterprise.

Norbert, Brian & Todd have taught me specifically how to succeed on-line through their extensive video library and marketing coaching. I have learned so many new approaches that I am putting into practice from the weekly webinars that are getting results right now. I am generating targeted leads daily and growing my company thanks to these guys! – Colorado

“I Love the Educational Value-Packed Weekly Wednesday Webinars”

I love the informative, value-packed weekly Wednesday webinars, which I directly pass on to my down-line, as well as anyone who signs up underneath me. Once you actually encounter the continual trainings, you will know that this is the real deal, genuine, and that My Lead System Pro cares about it’s community members.

And if that weren’t enough, My Lead System Pro provides actual live events to members that sign up, so you can meet the top producers, network, and grow your primary company! – Marion, NC

“To Be Honest With You, I Am Still In Complete Awe”

To be honest with you, I am still in complete awe. What My Lead System Pro has been able to do for both me and my enterprise career is astounding; and it hasn’t even been a full year. In a way I feel a bit guilty. I was very fortunate to discover My Lead System Pro while still just a pup looking into network marketing. In a way I felt like a freshman that had been given every single answer to every test by the Magna Cum Laude himself.

People often struggle for years just before figuring out their formula for accomplishment; and lucky me, I got to plug into this phenomenal system that has helped me to generate hundreds of quality sales opportunities, commission checks, and more training than I could ever imagine. Beginners and seasoned professionals who are serious about exploding their businesses need to sign up now and get crackin! – Los Angeles, CA

Take that $2.00 test drive click here  My Lead System Pro

Change your life now!

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Video Marketing Ideas You Need For Success

video marketing ideasFor “video marketing ideas” you may be required to consider many different factors. Marketing with videos is perfect for improving business. It is not as easy as you might think to create great videos.

Keep reading for some great advice that can help you create a great video marketing campaign.

Don’t be afraid of complex video marketing strategies.

You can make videos easily with a tripod and decent camera. You can use the recording time to demonstrate your manufacturing process to the audience or sit there and demonstrate a particular product or service.

Include music in your videos.

Think about how certain jingles set to music have become iconic phrases that have survived for years. Locate music that fits the mood of your presentation and use it in your video. Thus, you will appeal to customers even more. This is also a great way to help you get over your fears of being onscreen.

Folks love storytellers.

Do you have stories about your business that you can tell? Share video of charitable events you’ve taken part in and discuss them from inception to action to results. Ask your customers to share their stories with you to get them involved in your video marketing campaign.

Be ready to moderate comments to any marketing video that you upload to YouTube.

Reading other viewers’ comments can influence someone’s opinion before they even view the video. If the majority of comments are spam, explicit or hateful, it may adversely impact your view count. Turn off comments if you don’t have time to moderate them.

Don’t forget about YouTube.

Begin your campaign of video marketing there! After all, it’s free hosting for your videos. In addition, your video is hosted on the website that receives one of the highest number of visitors on the internet. It is the second largest search engine, and is by far the most popular place to view videos.

Be sure you optimize the videos you’re putting up.

Whenever you upload videos to different sites, make sure each video has a different title and description. You should put keywords in there, as well. Make sure your viewers can contact you easily by adding contact information.

When you are posting marketing videos you want to choose your titles carefully.

A powerful and relevant title will draw viewers to your videos. Your title will also give them an idea of what to expect from your video. Take time to make relevant and creative titles for great video marketing.

Be yourself in your videos.

When you talk, add personal anecdotes which fit the topic. Talk about your background and what makes you an expert in your field. Allow viewers to see the real you in each video. However, make sure not to overdo it.

A video marketing campaign is an excellent way to promote your business on the Internet. Be certain to use the guidance found above as a means to achieve the best outcomes possible from video marketing. Plan ahead and using these video marketing ideas as much as you can, you should be able to do it without a hitch!

To your success!

Rich Jablonski

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After watching this movie you will understand the TRUTH about HOW the top earners are pulling in 6, multi-6 and even 7-FIGURES per year with a simple blueprint because of ONE simple equation…

Click here to watch it now:


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For video marketing ideas you may be required to consider many different factors.

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